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Have a question? Check below for some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers! Still don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call or shoot us an email!

What happens if I have to miss a lesson?
If you are sick, please call or text as soon as you can to let me know. There is no need for a person to take a lesson if they are sick. There is no charge for missed lessons. Ever. If you find that roads are dangerous with weather conditions please call.
Do we have to sign on for a certain number of lesson?
You take your lesson one at a time and you pay as you go. There is no registration fee or commitment to a number of lessons. There is commitment on the part of the teacher to teach you in an expert fashion no matter how many lessons you take.
How young do you take students?
Students are ready to learn when they want to learn. Usually 5 years old is a good age but some younger children are ready for the lessons.
How long are the lessons?
The lessons are 45 minutes or an hour.
How much do they cost?
Each 45 minute lesson is $30. Each hour lesson is $40.
What do you recommend for the younger student?
The combination of voice and piano is usually a good start. They will learn their way around the keyboard, have fun playing some songs by ear at first, sing some familiar songs while we learn the basics of repeating a musical phrase by ear.
Is it ever too late to start as an adult?
Now is always the best time to start, no matter the age of an adult.
What is the usual schedule of lessons for a student?
Most students sign up for a 45 minute lesson once per week. Some adult students take a lesson every other week.
What if I need to only take a lesson or 2 to prepare for something?
Then you may sign up to take as many lessons as you need.
I work different hours. How can I schedule lessons?
For people who work different shifts we can arrange a lesson according to your schedule if there is space in the studio schedule. Some parents that share custody have arranged a rotating schedule.
How can a very young child take voice lessons?
As you’ve noticed whether children study voice or not, they sing. It is a basic form of expression and communication and fellowship. These lessons give the child more literature and songs to sing, as well as learning diction and other languages. And they learn what their music looks like on the written page.
Are there supplies and books to buy before I start?
It would be good if you had a keyboard or piano before you start as a strictly piano student. But when you start either piano or voice, the books will be purchased by the teacher as you need them. You can reimburse the teacher when you get them. Other recommendations will be offered by the teacher as lessons progress. The first lesson assignment book will be provided by the teacher.
How much practice is needed?
Practice should be fun and not rigorous. It is used to help reinforce what has been taught at the lesson as well as to get your technique growing, be it voice or piano. The teacher will give you ideas as to how to practice for maximum benefit . On average it won’t be more than half hour a day for beginning adults and just once a day for any amount of time for children not to exceed a half hour. More advanced students will be given guidelines for practice at their lessons.
Is there an audition to be accepted as a student?
There is no audition. Any student that is willing to begin lessons and has time in their schedule that is available in the studio schedule is accepted. If a student finds after the first few lessons that they are not a good fit, they can discontinue with no hard feelings on either part. Private music lessons are very personal. It is understandable that just because a teacher has a suitable time and location for a student, does not mean they will be compatible.
Do you have a large group of students?
The studio is a relaxed atmosphere where we are not rushed. Care is taken to establish a schedule where people are not coming and going at the same time. In that way it is special. I enjoy music and teaching music and I want my students to feel relaxed and enjoy their lessons. I am reaching out to let people know I am available to teach all ages and levels, but I am not going to overbook.
Do you go to student’s houses?
There are some students that have me come to their homes for lessons and there is an expectation of at least an hour lesson away from the studio for $60. These are rare, but for a student with long term commitment they are available with me or an associate.
Will I have to be in a recital?
No student is required to be in a recital. Performance opportunities in the community are available such as playing or singing for a senior living facility or auditions or at your place of worship or for an intimate family setting or at a guild recital.
Is there any help for people who can’t seem to sing on pitch?
Yes there is a method to teach people with an uncertain ear. In most cases it can be helped unless there is a physical auditory problem. Not many teachers know how to help this problem. I learned the method from Sister Jeanne Troy at Nazareth years ago.
How can I sign up myself or my child?
Look at the contact information on this site.

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