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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons also start at the level of the individual student. Some students are adult absolute beginners with no music experience in school.  Many children and adults come with experience in another instrument,   so we use that as a springboard. In any case all the students will receive the same basics of knowledge of the keyboard, flexibility of piano technique, reading music , chords and scales, using music from different publishers, composers  and methods according to the needs of the student.

Right from the first lesson students will learn their way around the keyboard with a visual approach to the keys. The first lesson will have them playing something by ear. Students get a chance to play the piano right away.  Everything they need to study and practice at home will be written in a lesson book that will be saved throughout the studies as a personal reference.  It is recommended that the piano student have an acoustic piano or electronic keyboard on which to practice.

No matter the age of the student, there will be note reading, technique, progress through grade levels of music, rhythm concepts in theory and practice, awareness of scales and chords in music. Pedal technique is covered when that level is reached.

For the more advanced students the level and expectation of scales and technique is increased.  Interpretation of concert repertoire is covered such as dynamics and the secrets of fine rubato. If a pianist is having technical difficulty with a certain passage there are tricks that help.  Breathing and relaxation in interpretation is also covered.

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Christine Brown is a piano and voice teacher in the Rochester, NY area.