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Finding the right teacher is important, not only for her technical expertise, but also for her ability to understand and connect to the student’s personality, needs, and intent. Though I had been singing in choirs for over forty years, I wanted to gain confidence. In the seven years Christine Brown has been my voice teacher, I have been able to improve my sight-reading, increase my vocal range, and boost my confidence.  Christine is patient and flexible; she is able to tailor her lessons to each student, using a variety of teaching techniques.  Every lesson offers both encouragement and suggestions.  An invaluable resource for the serious student as well as the causal learner, Christine provides a program well-suited for her students.

- Karen P.

"Taking lessons for me was always about personal development.  I wasn’t looking to sing on Broadway or professionally in a band.  I knew I had some natural ability and wanted to hone it a bit.  Almost 20 years later I have received a great education about everything from songs of the American theater to classical music, opera, etc.  I’ve learned about vocal styles I never knew about and am now actually singing publically.  Voice lessons have also given me confidence in myself as a person and the ability to hear things differently.  It truly has been an investment in me and one of the few things I actually do for myself.  It’s very personal and very rewarding!"

- Gina R.

If you are interested in taking piano lessons, Christine Brown is an excellent choice to be your teacher.  She makes the lessons fun and if you don't understand something, she uses different techniques to get the information across to you.

- Katherine C

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Christine Brown is a piano and voice teacher in the Rochester, NY area.